Food Truck Dining for Teaneck High

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Teaneck High School serves an ‘open campus’, meaning students have the option of leaving the school campus for lunch.
Centered directly on campus near the entrance to the football field where students sit and eat, sits a food truck named “The Highway”, Maschio’s newest dining addition to Teaneck High School’s school lunch program.
“The Highway” offers lunch items such as a burger & fries, pizza, chicken sandwiches, assorted salads, assorted drinks and coffee and a featured special entree; as well as breakfast in the morning,and ala carte items like fresh baked cookies and assorted chips.
The truck competes with many local food establishments such as Chinese restaurants, pizzerias, bagel shops, and even a local food truck parked off-campus about 50 yards away.
What sets “The Highway” apart from it’s competitors is that students are able to use their student accounts and do not have to leave the campus for great tasting food.
Students say that they like the convenience of the food truck and that they can utilize their student account. Those who qualify for ‘free’ or reduced’ meals also liked that they can have a meal off of the truck.

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So far, students’ favorite meals are the Chicken Tender meal and Wings & Fries.
Teaneck Staff and Administration appreciate the students accessibility to healthy and nutritious meals that are competitive to what’s offered in the local area. The administration announced that “The Highway” food truck is available for students as well as staff, and fully supports the operation.

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