Our Craft

We feed your children healthy and nutritious meals in school.

Our client partnerships extend the scope of your school district & we partner with your community.

Maschio’s Food Services is an industry leader in food service management specializing in K-12 nutrition. We provide the highest level of service for all school district food service programs with our experienced personnel. Our entire team of food service workers, school nutrition specialists, registered dietitians, and corporate chefs, have contributed to making lunch the best part of the day for students!

We have partnered with local farms to have dedicated farmland that grows produce solely for Maschio’s Food Services. Our Farm to School Program allows our students to enjoy fresh and local farm to school meals!

Maschio’s Food Allergy Management Program is unmatched. Our team of registered dietitians will create a safe menu for students who have life-threatening food allergies or medical conditions.

We are involved in various green committees and recycling committees. Our Sustainable Maschio’s Program can assist your school district to bring greater sustainability to your food service program.