Nutrition Education

Championing Healthy Eating

These strawberries are really sweet and juicy. They can be a good part of a lunch. I want strawberries more often! 

– 3rd Grader at Maschio’s Strawberry Festival

Students in a school or district with Maschio’s Food Service are learning what is good for their bodies and brains when they come through the lunch line.

Introducing and encouraging healthier meal and snack choices to students and educating them about nutrition is a hallmark of Maschio’s! 

Maschio’s believes the school cafeteria should not only be a place where students receive wholesome, nutritious foods, but a place where they find positive messages about nutrition too! 

Maschio’s works with school administrators and other school professionals to incorporate and promote wellness as part of our overall food service program. We encourage and present nutrition awareness activities, which can be coordinated with classroom lessons, whenever possible.