Personnel Management

  • Food and Service

    At Maschio’s Food Service, food and service share equal billing. Our dedication to preparing and serving the highest quality meals, is matched by our commitment to personnel management and service.

    A Maschio’s Area Supervisor is in the district to assess local issues and concerns and, in conjunction with the local Food Service Director, is responsible for employee management issues including tuberculin testing, criminal background checks, and ongoing food safety and sanitation training.

  • Accountability

    Every district or school Food Service Director is directly accountable to a Maschio’s Area Supervisor and is responsible for the overall food service operations of his or her program including:

    • Purchasing, as well as ordering government commodities
    • Overseeing food production and preparation
    • Menu planning
    • Maintaining accurate inventories
    • Overseeing staffing and training
    • Maintaining health and safety regulations
  • Daily Management

    The Director also manages daily sales deposits and tracks meal program information required by the state and federal governments. An Assistant Food Service Director is assigned to every program. Each school cafeteria within a district also has a manager who reports directly to the Food Service Director and is responsible for the activities of staff food service workers.