Chef Day

Chef To School Day at Garfield #5!

[cmsms_row][cmsms_column data_width=”1/1″][cmsms_text] Check out our Chef Day at Garfield School #5! Students were selected to be the Chefs of the Day, to assist Chef Steve & Chef Miguel in preparing fresh fruit skewers for their classmates. The student chefs also assisted in serving the skewers and the yogurt parfaits to the other students during lunch, […]

Chef Day in Guttenberg

[cmsms_row data_padding_bottom=”50″ data_padding_top=”0″ data_bg_parallax_ratio=”0.5″ data_bg_size=”cover” data_bg_attachment=”scroll” data_bg_repeat=”no-repeat” data_bg_position=”top center” data_color=”default” data_padding_right=”3″ data_padding_left=”3″ data_width=”boxed”][cmsms_column data_width=”3/4″][cmsms_image align=”none” link=”” animation_delay=”0″]4557||full[/cmsms_image][/cmsms_column][cmsms_column data_width=”1/4″][cmsms_text animation_delay=”0″]Chef Zach and Chef Piper visited Guttenberg for a Chicken Fajita Chef Day! Chef Zach prepared seasoned chicken, fiesta corn, a pepper medley, and rice and beans. The students had a great time enjoying their lunch while […]

Chef and Students Make Breakfast!

[cmsms_row][cmsms_column data_width=”2/3″][cmsms_gallery layout=”slider” image_size_slider=”full” slider_effect=”slide” slider_autoplay=”true” slider_slideshow_speed=”7″ slider_animation_speed=”600″ slider_pause_on_hover=”true” slider_rewind=”true” slider_rewind_speed=”1000″ slider_nav_control=”true” animation_delay=”0″]4405|×200.jpg[/cmsms_gallery][/cmsms_column][cmsms_column data_width=”1/3″][cmsms_text animation_delay=”0″] Last week to celebrate ‪NationalSchoolBreakfastWeek‬ Corporate Chef Lyn visited Dunellen School District to prepare delicious french toast filled with cream cheese and served with homemade blueberry compote! She was assisted by two awesome student chefs, Tyler and Maria. Check out […]

Students Film Maschio’s Chef Day

[cmsms_row][cmsms_column data_width=”3/4″][cmsms_embed link=”” animation_delay=”0″][/cmsms_column][cmsms_column data_width=”1/4″][cmsms_text animation_delay=”0″]Students from Raritan High School’s TV Production Class did a fantastic job filming our Chef Day. Watch the video to see how much the students enjoyed Chef Zach’s Asian Noodle Bar![/cmsms_text][/cmsms_column][/cmsms_row]