Camp Riverbend

Camp Riverbend

This website will be updated when necessary, however actual products served may vary on day of service. Menu is subject to change. If your child has a life-threatening food allergy or Celiac’s disease please contact Lorraine Kunick, MPH, RDN, LDN, CHES at with any questions or concerns. The manufacturer labels provided include the products ingredient list and nutrition facts label. Maschio’s does not independently perform testing with respect to the ingredients of the food products which we prepare and serve. For further information please visit Food Allergy Management

Currently, we order our sliced bread for sandwiches and dinner rolls for entree salads from Pechter’s Bakery. When a menu item link is selected, a pdf of all ingredient labels will populate, including a label for the bakery item (ex: whole grain bread or dinner roll). If you have any further questions about our bakery, please contact Lorraine Kunick, MPH, RDN, LDN, CHES at

Week 1

Monday 6/26/2023 Personal Pan Pizza
Wednesday 6/28/2023 Pancakes with Sausage
Thursday 6/29/2023 Chicken Nuggets
Friday 6/30/2023 BBQ Day

Week 2

Monday 7/03/2023 Personal Pan Pizza
Tuesday 7/04/2023 Camp Closed for July 4 Holiday   
Wednesday 7/05/2023 Waffles with Sausage
Thursday 7/06/23 Chicken Nuggets 
Friday 7/07/2023 BBQ Day


Week 3

Monday 7/10/2023 Personal Pan Pizza
Tuesday 7/11/2023 Twisted Cheesy Breadsticks
Wednesday 7/12/2023 French Toast with Sausage
Thursday 7/13/2023 Chicken Nuggets
Friday 7/14/2023 BBQ Day

Week 4

Monday 7/17/2023 Personal Pan Pizza 
Wednesday 7/19/2023 Pancakes with Sausage 
Thursday 7/20/2023 Chicken Nuggets
Friday 7/21/2023 BBQ Day


Week 5

Monday 7/24/2023 Personal Pan Pizza 
Tuesday 7/25/2023 Baked Ziti
Wednesday 7/26/2023 Waffles with Sausage
Thursday 7/27/2023 Chicken Nuggets

Friday 7/28/2023 BBQ Day


Week 6

Monday 7/31/2023 Personal Pan Pizza
Tuesday 8/01/2023 Twisted Cheesy Breadsticks
Wednesday 8/02/2023 French Toast with Sausage
Thursday 8/03/2023 Chicken Nuggets
Friday 8/04/2023 BBQ Day

Week 7

Monday 8/07/2023 Personal Pan Pizza
Tuesday 8/08/2023 Mac & Cheese with a Breadstick 
Wednesday 8/09/2023 Pancakes with Sausage
Thursday 8/10/2023 Chicken Nuggets
Friday 8/11/2023 BBQ Day